Dallas Margarita Society

Dallas Children's Charities

Dallas Margarita Ball Events Layout

Global Events coordinates, produces, and provides all décor, and lighting for the Dallas Margarita Society.  Let us coordinate your next event!

2591 Dallas Parkway Suite 300 Firsco, TX
Phone: 214-361-4166
Email: Globalev@swbell.net

The Dallas Margarita Ball is brought from Concept to Reality by Global Events!

Saturday, November 4th, 2017 – by Invitation Only.




Elite Casino Events is proud to be associated with the Dallas Margarita Society, by providing a casino for the Dallas Margarita Ball. We are proud to develop an outstanding atmosphere of fun, entertainment, and awe for all who attend the Dallas Margarita Ball. All this in an effort to raise toys and money for the At-Risk children of the North Texas community.


First Floor (street level)

Entrance on Olive Street across the street from the Hotel Valet

In the Grand Hall (opens 7:00pm)


In the Dallas Ball Room (opens 7:30pm)

 Second Floor (Hotel Side)

In the Austin Ballroom (opens 6:30pm)


Second Floor (via Sky Bridge)


On the Sky Bridge


In the Preconvene (opens 7:00pm)

In the Lone Star Ballroom (opens 7:30pm)

Third Floor (via escalator)

In the Foyer (opens 7:00pm)

Houston Ballroom (opens 7:00pm)

San Antonio Ballroom (opens 7:00pm)

The end of the 41st Annual Dallas Margarita Ball will commence when Jimmy Buffet’s “Margaritaville” is played at 1:30am.