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Dallas Margarita Ball Silent Auction

Join us in raising funds for Dallas Children’s Charities through the Dallas Margarita Society Silent Auction. The silent auction, prominently showcases local products and services valued at over $1 Million. Our Silent Auction has become one of the most popular features at the ball, as well as one of our largest fundraising opportunities. Items include:

All proceeds of the auction benefit Dallas Children’s Charities, which help family oriented local charities in the DFW area.


Participants may register at the Silent Auction at  Dallas Margarita Ball the day of the event. A credit card is required for registration.

Silent Auction Location and Hours

The Silent Auction is located in the first floor atrium of the Dallas Margarita Ball and is open the night of the Margarita Ball between the hours of 7:00 pm and 11:30 pm.

Pick up of items

All items won during the Silent Auction may be picked up immediately following the Silent Auction on Saturday night from 11:30pm to 12:30am or Sunday morning from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

Donating Items

Expose your services or products to the Dallas Margarita Ball’s 11,000 affluent guest by donating items to the silent auction. All proceeds benefit Dallas Children’s Charities, a 501 (c)(3) charity, and afford donors the maximum tax deduction for donated products and services as allowed by law.

Let us know how you can help! Thanks!

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