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We thank the many caring individuals, corporations and organizations who have and currently support the Dallas Margarita Society/Dallas Children’s Charities fund-raising activities and events in our community that allow us to increase our gifts and contributions’ value every year.

Sponsorships are solicited, booked and recognized on a calendar year basis. So, if you were to become a Sponsor (at the Platinum level or above) in February, for example, that means that you would have signage at the Golf Tournament, an invitation to the Black Tie Dinner Party, and Sponsor recognition at the Charity Ball. Sponsors at the Platinum level and above are also invited to our Directors Brunch on Saturday afternoon the day of the Ball.

To further increase your visibility as one of our Sponsors, this year we plan to create new ways in which our Sponsors will receive recognition at our fund raising charity events and Happy Hours as well as other charitable events we host throughout the year.

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